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WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket - Waterproof Compact Pocket Blanket

The WellaX Sandproof & Waterproof Beach Blanket will make the perfect gift for any outdoors person!

Forget about towels! Whether it is camping, hiking or a relaxing day on the beach, you will no longer want to leave your house without your WellaX Blanket!

 Best Sand Proof Picnic Mat for Travel, Camping, Hiking and Music Festivals - Durable Tarp with Corner Pockets (Green)

Check out the unique properties of the WellaX Beach Blanket:
Heat resistant
Sand resistant
Moisture resistant
Machine washable
Durable in all environments
Colorfast dyed nylon, designed not to bleed
Weighs 6.5oz

No need to worry about the windy days on the beach anymore!
The WellaX blanket has got you covered!
Just fill out the 4 pockets with sand or rocks to fully fasten it to the ground.
If you want to feel EXTRA SAFE, you can also use the securing stakes and just chillax knowing that your blanket will not be taking off on you!

Easy to store and carry!
The WellaX blanket comes with its own sack which makes it extremely easy to be carried around and with an additional waterproof pouch for your phone, keys, money and other items.

Chillaxing is now easier than ever!

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