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Stainless Steel Drinking Straws by Chefast - 3x2 Combo Kit - Reusable Metal Straws for Everything From 30 oz Yeti Tumblers to Thick Smoothies - Cleaning Brushes, Long Case and Silicone Rings Included

Now This Is How To Drink

Not all straws are alike. No doubt you found that out for yourself long ago.

Straws have come a long way from the BPA-laden plastic you find at almost any restaurant.

Now you can purchase a complete set of six reusable straws of varying sizes that give you all the fun and flexibility of drinking from a straw with none of the health or environmental concerns.

Whether you’re sipping a tall margarita or your son is pounding down a healthy smoothie, this 3x2-straw kit has you covered.

Size Specs: 2 extra-long 9.5" long straws with 0.2" dia, 2 extra-wide 8.7" long straws with 0.3" dia, and 2 standard 8" long straws with 0.25" dia. Please Note: Only the 2 extra-long straws will perfectly fit most 30-oz tumblers, including Yeti.

The Complete Package: Not only do we include six straws in three different sizes, we're also adding two cleaning brushes and a convenient, lightweight carry pouch, which makes it perfect for gift-giving.

Good For You, Good For The Planet: Drinking from these metal straws by Chefast, means you avoid unsightly stains and potential damage to your teeth caused by coffee and sugary drinks. And because these reusable straws are BPA free, you're doing the planet a favor every time you choose them over a typical plastic straw destined for the nearest landfill.

One-Year Warranty: When’s the last time you heard of straws coming with such a warranty? However, we’re just that confident that you won’t have a problem with your stainless steel drinking straws. If anything goes wrong, you can return them for a prompt replacement.

Put The Fun Back In Drinking – Kid or Adult!

Order your reusable straw combo pack today.

And if you’ve been racking your brain for a cool, sustainable gift that anyone will enjoy, look no further. They’ll thank you even before the first sip goes down!

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