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Red Nomad Reading Pillow Shredded Foam - Comfy Soothing Back-Rest Support with Arms for Bed, Study, Lounge, Gaming and Watching TV - 18 inch Grey

Who doesn’t love reading or watching TV in bed?

Well, as long as it doesn’t involve back pain or shuffling endlessly trying to find the perfect “nook” in a failed pillow fort, you might say. Look no further and bring this comfort home today because your body will thank you tonight.

This ultra-comfortable reading pillow is 18" tall and measures 15" wide at the top and 26" wide from arm to arm. So prop yourself up and settle in for a good book or a favorite movie... in bed! And remember to share the love. The reading pillow makes a great gift for family and friends because everyone loves cozy & comfort.

A soft, durable, breathable cover made of cozy velour keeps things cool at the surface so you can enjoy your spare time with almost no interruptions, I mean, Netflix and Chill (pun intended), right? Convenient Handle A reliable fabric handle on the top of reading pillow makes it easy to move it from room to room.This cozy reading pillow comes with a 3 year warranty.Durable Fabric Cover Cover: 100% polyester A durable cover made of cozy velour is both soft and breathable. Neutral stone color makes it easy to care for and fit well with any decor. Supportive Foam Fill Fill: 100% polyurethane foam How do you choose the best reading pillow from the countless options available out there? Read closely and you'll see that they are filled with polyester fiber. Our Red Nomad reading pillow is filled with shredded foam. Why does this matter? Foam keeps its soft a lot longer, is less likely to shift, and doesn't clump in one spot. The cushy foam pieces can be patted and fluffed for premium comfort that's customized to your form. This plump pillow is ready to serve you the personalized comfort you deserve! The cushy foam pieces can be patted and fluffed for premium comfort that's customized to your form.

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