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Popples, Lulu 8 Inch Plush

Join the Popples in Popplopolis! The new Netflix series where the Popple Pals are waiting to pop into your hearts. Popples are your plush pals that turn into a ball and then pop out! Join Lulu the inventive, brilliant genius that always has a scientific solution to help her Best Popple Pals. Lulu has a surprise for you! Watch as she magically transforms into a ball when you easily fold her into the pouch on her back. When you’re ready, unfold her and watch her pop out! These soft and lovable friends can’t wait to pop out for adventure! Each popple is pop’n with energy and a unique personality that helps make all of their adventures poptastic! Collect Bubbles, Yikes, Izzy and Sunny they love to play together and have poppable adventures! Bring home all the soft, poppable magic of Popples!

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