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Brand: Mava Sports

Color: Black


  • SUITABLE FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS: These workout bands are perfect for complementing full-body or complex exercises like squats, deadlifts, and all sorts of pushing/pulling movements. Using the training bands to create progressive overload in a controlled way is the key to fast improvement and lasting results.
  • PERFECT FOR PULL-UPS/DIPS/MUSCLE-UPS: Do you struggle with these demanding exercises? NO MORE! Progress easily by stretching the pullup bands for different assistance levels. For example, when doing chin-ups, you can use your leg (more stretch, easier) or knee (less stretch, harder). Use different tensions and variations on your assist band for pullups to reach your goals faster!
  • AMAZING VERSATILITY: You can use a single exercise resistance band as a flexibility band, mobility band and a stretch band. You can also get any band, any color; don’t settle for a given band color. Select any of our color options for the gym resistance bands you want. Get the whole set of bands in a color that matches your gym outfit!
  • DO MORE WITH LESS. Use our rubber bands for a host of activities, including warmup, stretching, resistance training, powerlifting, home workouts, yoga, cross training, pilates, physical therapy, injury rehabilitation, rowing and even arm wrestling.
  • 30-DAY-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Whether you’re working on rehabbing an injured ankle or doing challenging movements like full pull-ups or deadlifts, we guarantee our gym resistance bands won’t give up on you when you need them most.

Part Number: MS-Band-Black-65

EAN: 5949093701423

Package Dimensions: 10.9 x 3.0 x 2.0 inches

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Mava Pull Up Resistance Band - 1 Piece, Heavy Duty Assistance Bands for Body Stretching & Mobility, Exercise Band for Workout & Training - Powerlifting Bands for Men and Women

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