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Chefast Piping Bag and Coupler Set: 13 Pcs Frosting Kit - 3 Reusable Silicone Pastry Bags, 4 Standard and Tricolor Couplers, and 6 Icing Bag Ties for Cake Decorating

Everything You Need To Complement Your Piping Set

Cakes and cupcakes that you decorate yourself taste so much better. Maybe it’s because of all the love you put into them.

This 13 pcs accessory kit by Chefast includes everything you need to complement your current decorating tip set, so you’ll always be in full control.

We’ve packed our set with 3 reusable pastry bags, 4 different kind of couplers, and 6 icing bag ties.

All of these baking supplies are made to last with the highest quality materials.