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Non-Slip Pastry Silicone Mat, Bowl Scraper, & Cookie Cutters Set

Brand: Chefast

Color: Blue, White and Silver


  • A HOME BAKER’S DREAM: From the pastry mat to the dough scraper to the two cute cookie cutters, this kit includes everything you need to prepare pastries like a pro. Plus, the set makes a marvelous gift for any would-be baker in your life!
  • LEAVE NO MESS BEHIND: Bakers everywhere agree that a pastry mat is the ultimate accessory that streamlines the entire process. Use the convenient dough scraper to slide your pastry onto the mat, then roll out your creation on the BPA-free, non-toxic, food-grade silicone mat (no plastic), meanwhile, your counter is still pristine! Clean the mat with a quick rinse, and you’re done. Simply roll it up once it’s dry for easy storage.
  • MAKE THE MAT YOUR PLAYGROUND: Whether you’re pounding out a thin pizza or carefully kneading a cinnamon bun, the 19.7”x15.7” flexible mat with convenient measures gives you plenty of room to exercise your creative baking skills. Just flour the mat as you would any prep surface and bring your bread, pasta, pastry, pie crust or fondant to life.
  • BAKING MADE EASY: As part of this kit, we include a handy dough scraper. You can use this multi-purpose tool to scrape any leftovers from the kneading surface or out of a bowl, make quick cuts in most dough, or even spread icing on a cake or pastry. This, combined with the included cookie cutters (one star, one heart), is just what you need to take your creation to the next level.
  • 60-DAY GUARANTEE: We designed these tools so they would grace your kitchen for years to come, but if you’re not satisfied, simply let us know within 60 days for a prompt, full refund. We’ll also replace them free of charge for one year after purchase. So, whether you want to get with the 21st century in your kitchen, or you have someone in your life who would love to get a great start on home baking, get this unique kit by Chefast and discover how much easier baking can be!

Publisher: Chefast


Baking Without The Mess

Would you love to bake a lot more often, but you're put off by the fact that it makes such a huge mess every time?
Do you want to make your baking experience a lot easier and prepare pastries like a pro?
Do you want to show your kids, friends or family just how enjoyable baking can be?

Make Baking Fun Again with This Pastry Mat Kit from Chefast!

Why Should You Choose the Chefast Pastry Mat Kit?

Better Than a Counter: If you're like most bakers, you've been using your counter as a prep surface. Not only does this make a huge mess of your kitchen, it makes it more of a challenge to flip your pie, pizza or other delectable. The non-stick surface of our 100% food-grade silicone pastry mat solves all these problems and lets you carefully measure your baked delights to perfectly fit any pan.

Scrape it Up: Even if you're a baking pro, there are times you'll run into stubborn dough that just does not want to come free from the bowl or kneading surface. We include this handy scraper so you can urge it on its way without using your hands and potentially damaging your creation. Plus, you can use this little accessory to divide your dough to fit a particular pan, spread frosting on your cake or swirl your cinnamon bun.

Kid-Friendly: Kids love baking. Let them go beyond the taste-testing role with these nifty heart and star-shaped cookie cutters.

Package Contents

  • 1x 19.7"x15.7" Pastry Mat
  • 1x Dough Scraper
  • 2x Mini Cookie Cutters
  • And it all comes in a cute box perfect for gift-giving

Discover How Simple Baking Can Be, and Share The Joy with The Ones You Love!

Package Dimensions: 10.3 x 5.5 x 1.0 inches

Item Condition: New