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Chefast Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears and Herb Scissors Set: Combo Kit of Stainless Steel Food Scissors, 5-Blade Herb Cutter, and Two Jute Bags - Great for Meat, Poultry, Garden, Cooking and Crafts

Shear Power

Are those scissors you have in the drawer really not up to the tasks you put upon them every day?
Have you been searching for another kitchen tool that can make cutting meat and veggies easier on your hands and wrists?
Do you need quality utility scissors that can do everything from shredding mail to snipping basil to cutting thick cardboard?

Tackle It All with The Chefast Dual Scissor Combo Kit!

Whether it’s our 5-blade herb shears or the more precise cutting power of our kitchen scissors, the ultra-sharp blades and super-comfy grips you’ll find in this unique scissor kit are bound to make your next cutting or slicing task a cinch.

In The Kitchen: A good pair of kitchen shears can cut meat far more effectively than a knife. Whether you’re butterflying a chicken breast or filleting a fish, scissors can do the job with less strain on your hand and less mess – and the same goes for vegetables.

In The Garden: From chopping off flower stems to precisely picking your herbal plants, the right tool can make a once-tedious job a breeze – and the included drawstring bags make it easy to keep each herb separate.

Around The House: The herb shears can make short work of shredding documents as well as cutting thicker cardboard for arts and crafts, while the kitchen scissors are great for jobs where more precision is required.

Cleaning and Storage: Use the integrated cover comb of the herb shears to remove any debris. Wash the tools if necessary, dry thoroughly, and store with the included covers.

Package Contents

1x Herb Scissors with Cover and Integrated Cleaning Comb
1x Multipurpose Kitchen Scissors with Black Cover
2x Jute Herb Bags

Put Precise Cutting Power to Work for Your Household and Give it as a Gift to Anyone on Your List!