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26 Fabric Markers Pen Set with Gold and Silver and 36 Stencils Permanent Ink Colors Art Marker for Fabric Painting Writing on Cloth Laundry Clothes Canvas Bags Shirts Shoes Kids-Safe Paint

Best Fabric Markers Pen set (26 colors including Gold and Silver) Plus 36 Stencils

Special Characteristics

Permanent color - designed to not wash out of clothing or fade with washing.

Quick Dry - No setting required.

Professional Quality - odorless, lightfast, acid-free. Kids-safe.

Bullet tip - Useful for painting thin lines

No mess unlike paints or hassle of using dye.

Tips: Select Your Fabric Carefully

The grain of your fabric has an impact on how well a fabric marker works. A fine grain or smooth material is easier to work on compare to a coarse grain or rough texture to a fabric. Test on a scrap bit of fabric or draw on out of sight area, such as an inside seam. Be careful not to stop or pause with the tip of the marker resting on the fabric as the color will bleed out into it. If you find yourself hesitating, lift the marker off the fabric while you think about what you're doing.

Stenciling With a Fabric Marker

Fabric markers work very well with stencils. For an outline, run the tip along the edge of a stencil, keeping the fabric pens upright so it doesn't slip underneath. To "color in" a stencil design, you can do it with the adhesive stencil that doesn't slip as you're working to avoid accidentally going over the edge of the design.

Uses of fabric markers

Personalize by drawing or painting your favorite Clothes, tshirt, T-shirt, jeans, pants, bags, shoes, pillow cases, backpacks, decorate a tie, cocktail napkins, lampshade, cushion, pillowcases, baseball caps, wall art, clothing, handbags, baby tee, onesies, sneakers, blankets, tapestries and curtains. Upcycle a plain shirt, DIY doodle color, design quilt square, write or paint a monogram / motif for special gifts on cloth, canvas, or any fabric materials.

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