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Pastry Bag and Coupler Set

Chefast Pastry Bag and Coupler Set: Frosting Kit for Cake Decorating - 3 Reusable Silicone Icing Piping Bags, 4 Standard Tips, and Tricolor Couplers, and 6 Icing Bag Ties

YOUR ULTIMATE PIPING KIT ACCESSORY : With three reusable piping bags in three sizes, two tri-color couplers to fit different kinds of Russian tulip nozzles, a large standard coupler, a small coupler, and six piping bag ties, you’ll have everything you need to complement your decorating tip set.

PREMIUM PASTRY BAGS IN MULTIPLE SIZES: Our reusable decorating bags for frosting come in three sizes, and each is made of durable and flexible food-grade silicone material. These icing piping bags are perfect for cake, cupcake, cookie, biscuit, macaroon and pie decoration. Plus, these small, medium and large pastry bag have convenient loops for hanging.

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