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Hammocks can make wonderful additions to any backyard. With the variety of styles available on the market today, you don’t need trees to anchor them and they can match the look of an house from rustic to incredibly modern.

Here is the other thing. Some people believe that sleeping in a hammock can be life changing. We’ll tell you why in addition to the types of backyard hammocks available and things to consider when placing one in any outdoor living area.

1: Hammocks May Improve Sleep Quality

    A study mentioned on WebMD compared the way participants napped in both a traditional bed and a bed that mimics the movement of hammock. The gentle rocking motion of the latter bed caused people to fall asleep faster which resulted in changed brain waves that led to a deeper state of sleep. In a nutshell, hammock sleepers experience longer  sleep, a form of non-REM (rapid eye movement) sleep that should take up about half of a good night’s rest, according to NPR. This is a good thing and could be of great benefit to people suffering from insomnia as well as those recovering from strokes and other brain issues. But then again, who couldn’t use better quality sleep?

    2: Hammocks Relieve Stress

      Again, it has a lot do to with the swaying motion leading to relaxation and an increased ability to help people forget the world around them. Less stress leads to other improved health aspects such as lower blood pressure, better concentration and increased emotional stability.

      3: No Risk of Bed Bugs or Dust Mites

        Mattresses are a breeding ground for nasty bed bugs, dust mites, and other insects. This is not only unsanitary to sleep in, but it is expensive and time consuming to constantly clean your bed to remove them.

        When you start using a hammock as a bed, you don’t have to worry about these dirty pests. Hammocks are also extremely easy to clean, removing any chance of these insects making your bed their home.

         4: Helps with Insomnia

          It can seem hopeless when you are struggling to fall asleep night after night and dealing with insomnia. You’ve tried all the smart phone apps and pharmaceutical technology, but all you may need is a cozy hammock to sleep in.

          Hammocks can improve sleep in many ways, even helping cure people of their insomnia. It provides the feeling of sleeping in a safe and relaxing womb, which is more natural than sleeping on a firm surface.

          5: Where to Place a Hammock

          Placement of a hammock is completely personal choice and might determine the type purchased. The most important thing is that it needs to be somewhere where you can truly relax. If the perfect two trees for hanging a hammock happen to be near a busy street, that’s probably not the right place.

          Rest assured that hammocks doesn’t need a special structure or trees for anchoring. Freestanding hammocks these days are as beautiful and practical as the traditional hanging versions. But trellis posts and even space between buildings can work as hanging spots.

          Be mindful that hammocks can be hazards with young kids around who don’t have the coordination to get in and out of one on their own. And, don’t place a hammock over railings, big succulents like agaves or anything that could hurt you should the hammock fall.

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